What to Wear to a Job Interview:

Before we discuss What to wear to a Job interview I think it’s important to understand what NOT to wear so there is no confusion.

As a general rule of thumb you shouldn’t wear anything you would wear in the home on relaxing on your day off or what you would wear to the gym or nightclub/bar.

List of what not to wear to a job interview:

Footwear: Flip Flops, Runners, Slippers or UGG Boots

Pants: Sweat Pants, Gym Pants, Blue Jeans

Hats: Caps, Toques/Beanies, Fedoras etc.

Tops: T-Shirts, Open Shirts (Guys & Girls), Hoodies, Sweat Shirts

Skirts: Short skirts

Other: Political Statements, Swearing, Dirty Clothes, Clothes with Rips or Tears, Over powering Perfume

These are non negotiable and you will not be taken seriously as a potential candidate if you wear these items.

List of what to wear:

Footwear: Business Shoes

Pants: Slacks, Dress Pants, Skirts

Tops: Collard Shirt or Blouse, Blazers

Skirts: Appropriate length

Ties: A must for high level positions but option for entry level

You should always dress professional to a job interview unless the employer/recruiter states otherwise. Never ask the recruiter what to wear to the interview because lets face it, you are an adult and shouldn’t need to ask. If a dress code is not specified then it’s safe to assume business casual/professional.

Students and young job seekers! You are not exempt from this and too often we see young candidates wearing sweat pants, caps or hoodies and runners. So, if you are serious about getting a job then dress like you are serious about it. NO EXCEPTIONS.

what to were to a job interview

what to were to a job interview

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