Are Career Fairs a Waste of Time?

The answer to the question “Are Career Fairs a Waste of Time?” is not a short one because it really depends on a few things; where you are in your career and what kind of position you are looking for.

Who can benefit from attending a career fair?

  • Recent graduates
  • Sales focussed/minded people
  • Entry level positions
  • Newcomers to Canada
  • First time job seekers who aren’t sure where to start or which field they want to get into
  • When the career fair is specific to a particular field – Tech, Retail, Healthcare

Who most likely will not benefit from attending a career fair?


Management positions

IT, Engineering, Web Developers, People looking to offer their services to companies (of course there is an exception when the Job fair is an IT or Engineering focused event)

Those who get overwhelmed in crowds

Tips to make a Career fair worth while:

Research the event before attending to find out which companies are participating and which positions they are hiring for at the event; sometimes this information may not be available.

Bring several copies of your resume as you will be giving these to potential employers

Bring a great attitude

Dress to impress

Where to find up coming job fairs in your area:

You can find job fairs in your local are by checking out our event directory here

Remember that it’s highly likely that the same companies participate in Hiring Events and job fairs over and over again, usually promoting the same or similar roles.

what to were to a job interview

what to were to a job interview

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What to wear to a Career Fair