7 Reasons you aren’t getting job interviews

First let’s look at the reasons you aren’t getting a phone interview!

You don’t have enough work experience:

Unfortunately this is a catch 22 because you won’t get a position because you don’t have enough experience, but to get experience you must be given a position.

You are over qualified:

Recruitment agents will wonder why you are applying for position you are clearly over qualified for.  They will automatically jump to conclusions about this. If you are going to do this you will need to dumb down your resume or make sure that all points relate to the position you are applying for.

There are large gaps in your employment history:

If you have gaps in your work history leave a brief explanation on your resume in between the positions: ie: Jan 2012-July 2012 traveled around Europe for 6months, completed study etc

You don’t have any long term employment: 

If you only worked for each of your previous employers for less than 1 year they will assume you will not stay long term. They will not put in the time and costs to train someone who will just leave in less than a year. If you have good reason for your employment being so short be sure to list that on your resume. ie: Summer position, Temp contract, Seasonal work

Your resume is poorly written/presented:

If you make statements like “Excellent attention to detail” then you’d better make sure you do not have any spelling mistakes or grammatical errors.

Hiring Manager is unable to contact you:

You would be surprised to know that it is not uncommon for Job seekers to forget to add their phone number or email address on their resume. Be sure to add both to your resume and triple check them to make sure they are correct.

You aren’t personable over the phone:

When you get a call from a recruitment consultant don’t just answer their questions with “Yes”, “No”. Speak clearly and do not mumble.

What if you are getting a phone interview but not being asked to come in for the face to face job interview?

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