applying for a job

applying for a job

7 Job Application Tips

Now that your resume is complete and you are ready to start applying for jobs, here are 7 job application tips that are important to keep in mind when applying for jobs.

#1 Research companies in your field

Do a thorough search of all companies in your field. Keep a list of the employers you are interested in and refer to tip #2.

First time or entry level job seeker? Your first step is researching common job positions noting which roles interest you. Then move to step #1.

#2 Search for jobs in your field of interest and/or expertise

Using the list of employers you made in step one, visit each company career page on their website and search for desired jobs.

There are many resources out there to assist job seekers find employment. Be sure to take advantage of online general job boards, niche job boards, recruitment agencies and direct company careers pages.

When you find a job you want to apply for go back and do more research on the company culture, values etc. to get an idea of the kind of people they might be looking for. Then move to step #3.

#3 Read the job posting three times, yes that’s right, three times

Job postings usually include specific skills, qualifications and experience the candidate must have to even be considered for the role.

They may also include detailed instructions on how to apply and what to include for example; Apply with Cover Letter and Resume, Answer a random question in the application. The Recruiter may include instructions to assess whether or not candidates read the job posting in full and your level of attention to detail.

If you read the posting three times it’s unlikely that you will miss anything important.

#4 Prepare Cover Letter and adjust resume

Your cover letter and resume should be tailored to each individual position you apply for. Ensure that you refer to the correct company and job title/reference number in your cover letter.

If you don’t know how to write a cover letter check out our Cover Letter Writing Tips.

#5 Apply for suitable jobs

This ties in with tip #3, as mentioned the employer may require skills, education and/or number of years relevant experience from a candidate to be considered.

Make sure that you are only applying for jobs where your skills, experience and/or education are a match to the employer’s requests. For example, if the position you are applying requires a masters degree in related education don’t apply if you do not have a masters degree in that field.

There are some exceptions to the rule; for example if you have all of the requirements relating to skills and education but only have 2 out of the 5 years related work experience, then apply! Or if you have experience in a position that gave you transferrable skills but not in the exact same role as the one applying for, then apply. Be sure to highlight the transferable skills in your application.

#6 Be Patient and Repeat

The job market in Canada is very competitive so you may not get a call for every job application you submit. Be patient as recruiters receive hundreds sometimes thousands of resumes (dependant on the position). Job Postings will be open for varying lengths of time and some recruiters will wait until the job posting is closed before assessing and contacting candidates. It takes time to go through and short list applicants therefore you should allocate time each daily to this process.

#7 Don’t be discouraged, seek help

If you have been looking for a job for an extended period of time and aren’t having any luck, seek help from a professional! Check out our Job Seeker Resources page.